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    Behind the name Mångravs Maine Coon is Caroline Kjellman with family, and all sorts of other animals. Already in my teens when i first encountered a maine coon up close during a internship at a veterinary clinic i knew i would one day start breeding theese majestic cats. I also instantly knew i would want the name "Mångravs" as a tribute to my roots in northern sweden as that is a name of a small area close to where i was born and spent my first years before moving south. Years passed and i started building a family and stayed to busy to make reality of my plans. Then one day a fertile female crossed my path and my breeding carreer began. Unfortunately my first female Dagdrivarn Making Kosing never had any kittens under my name and was castrated and rehomed. She did however introduce me to her breeder Malin Sundqvist, Dagdrivaren who became a good friend and mentor. In cooperation with her two new females were bought in 2021 who will hopefully become the foundation for many years to come as an active breeder.

    Other then the cats we have all sorts of animals here at our farm. We have sheep, horses, chickens, rabbits a dog as well as other pets. Other then my daytime job as a nurse we like doing things "the old fashioned way" and often do some of the farm work with our draft horses. Feel free to check out our instagram

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